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Citizens’ Law Initiative for Open-Source Procurements in Finland

We at Rootroo Ltd believe in a society that is fueled by open-source software. Therefore, we have started a Citizens’ Law Initiative (kansalaisaloite) in Finland.

The initiative in a nutshell: All future software products that are purchased with tax payers’ money must be made open-source and available for everyone. This will ensure that money is not wasted in purchasing the same software multiple times with different number of licenses. Similar and mutually incompatible software products will not be purchased either as previously purchased software has been made open-source. Many problems rising in public software such as usability, accessibility, security etc. can be solved by nurturing active citizenship, where everyone can contribute to the open-source projects.

Let’s make Finland a leader in the digital era once more! Read and vote for the initiative on Kansalaisaloite platform.